Natural Living Products Bay ShoreAre you seeking natural living products Bay Shore that are 100% natural, without the false claims or harsh chemicals? Do you seek to live a natural lifestyle when it comes to the products you buy? At SOS Natural Products, we know nature provides everything we need to lead eco-sustainable lives and to remedy our aches, pains, and feel a sense of relief on any hectic day. We believe in ingredients that are safe, effective, and all-natural, from planet Earth. And that is just what we provide!

When we first began creating natural products for our customers, the bottom line is that they were reaping incredible health and well-being benefits. This had us really honing in on what works, what we can provide to our customers with intention and attention to detail. Using our knowledge of herbal medicine and nature’s bounty, we’ve been able to create products that nourish the body, mind, and spirit. That is why we continue doing what we do, curating products for specific uses, and gearing the creation process towards that with our intent. Meticulously choosing the best essential oils is crucial to as, as essential oils have been used to remedy all sorts of ailments for centuries.

Whether you are just beginning to delve into learning how live a more natural lifestyle or you’re seeking the products that will add value to your already natural living products Bay Shore, SOS has been supplying effective natural remedies for years, that are effective! Just check out our testimonials and product descriptions!

Especially in these uncertain times, anxiety is on the rise. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety in silence, try out our Anti-Anxiety Spray. This therapeutic spray is composed of all-natural essential oils, clary sage, bergamot, frankincense & chamomile, to rush to your defense as soon as anxiety rears its head. Don’t reach for an over the counter substitute that leaves you groggy or experiencing weird side effects. SOS has the remedy.

Gardening season is on the way, and our Gardening Salve is essential after a day of pulling weeds and planting future seeds. Our incredible concoction of chickweed herbal infused oil is fermented for six months to ensure potency. Beeswax, shea butter, lavender & roman chamomile essential oils mystically heal cuts and scrapes from your labor, relieving poison ivy & poison oak itch while reducing any inflammation. This is a go-to for many of our horticulturists!

Our mission at SOS is to educate our communities and inspire our customers to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients by providing skin-friendly alternatives that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. Together, we can gear our lives toward natural health, toxic-free living, and eco-sustainability that benefits everyone, for years to come.

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Try out our Anti Anxiety Aromatherapy Spray!