Free your space of any negative energy.  Our new and improved Reiki Charged Sage Spray is infused with healing rose quartz and moonstone crystals with a citrine crystal right in the bottom of the bottle. Use when wanting to rid yourself or your space of any negativity and replace with love, intuition, abundance and all things good. Reiki charged.

Sage Spray Ritual: I like to slightly open the windows in the house before and during this ritual. I ask that you please use this spray only for the highest good.  First take 3 slow deep breaths then center yourself,  Begin by going around your space and spraying the Reiki Charged Sage Spray into each corner and doorway. Repeat mantra as you are spraying: I use this spray for the highest good, please rid my space of any negative energy and replace with love and light.  Continue until you have completed the ritual. Then sit and relax in your happy place. Namaste.